At Woodford Valley, we want to ensure children are happy, thrive and are prepared for life with hopes and dreams for their future.  The personal, social, health, and economic well-being of our children is a core part of our whole school ethos and is embedded throughout our learning community.

We use  the Coram Scarf  PSHE resources which are developed by teachers and centred on a values-based and ‘Growth Mindset’ approach. SCARF’s online resources support our school in promoting positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement. The implementation of these resources enables all pupils to flourish through our PSHE curriculum.

Our scheme is supported by a carefully planned Sex and Relationships programme, Life Education Van workshops, friendly visits from the Community Police, Bikeability, Junior Good Citizen, our own vegetable plot , cookery sessions in our own studio, extensive opportunities for fun and physical exercise and a philosophical and spiritual whole school outlook.

Through our PSHE, we intend all pupils to have the opportunities to become independent, resilient learners who show respect and dignity towards others. As well as this, to appreciate the world that they live in and to celebrate achievements of all.


Progression of PSHE skills

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Long-term plan for PSHE

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