Welcome to the Governors’ section of our website.  Every school has a Board of Governors which oversees the work of the school staff.  As Woodford Valley CE Primary Academy is a single academy trust, the Board of Governors is particularly important in ensuring that the school functions properly.

The Board of Governors has three main responsibilities:

  • To make sure that the school’s finances are secure and properly managed
  • To make sure that the school’s curriculum is suitable and ensures good progress for every child
  • To make sure that the school is looking ahead to the future and making appropriate plans to improve and develop in every aspect

In addition, as Woodford Valley is a Church of England school, the Governors have a responsibility to ensure that the school remains true to its Christian foundation.

The Full Governing Body meets six times a year.  It consists of the following members:

  • 8 foundation governors, who are proposed by the local church and formally appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education (This is because Woodford Valley is a Church of England school.)
  • 2 parents governors, who are elected by parents
  • 2 staff governors, who are elected by the school staff
  • The Headteacher
  • Other governors who have been co-opted by the Board

Governors belong to at least one sub-committee (Finance and Staffing, Curriculum, Buildings, and Ethos) which also meet six times a year.  Governors also have responsibility for a school subject and meet with that subject leader, make a school visit and report to the Governing Board on that subject once a year.

The Governors draw up a strategic plan for the school, looking ahead for key developments the school needs to make in the future.  We re-visit this plan several times a year.

The Governors audit their performance as a Governing Board, and are overseen in turn by the Board of Members, the majority of whom are not Governors.

Being a School Governor is a rewarding and vital role.  School Governors are the largest group of volunteers in the country.  We are very lucky to have a talented and strongly committed group of governors at Woodford Valley.