Relationships and Sex Education

We believe that Sex Education should be part of a wider policy of Personal, Social and Health Education and it is included in the teaching of these topics within the school.

Staff and Governors have recently agreed a programme for the teaching of Sex Education as a separate topic within P.H.S.E. This programme is run every two years and is offered to those children in Years 5 and 6 only. Parents are notified prior to these sessions and given the opportunity to withdraw their children from these lessons if they so wish, as this is their right since the 1993 Education Act.

Because we believe that this is an important subject, we hold an evening for parents so that they may view samples of the programme and materials to be used. We also give them a copy of the scheme of work and timetable so that they may discuss any issues that arise with their child, strongly believing that this is an area dealt best by both home and school in close collaboration.

Our school nurse also provides an after school session for Mums and Daughters, dealing solely with menstruation.


SCARF-RSE information

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Relationships and Sex Education Policy

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