We see Geography as a journey of discovery through which we seek to stimulate children’s curiosity to explore and engage in the world around them.  It equips them to explore and gain knowledge about a range of different places, communities, resources and environments; enabling them to make comparisons and identify links. It also gives them a structure with which to understand the key physical and human processes which shape and change our landscapes over time; capturing the vibrancy of people and place.

Our intent is to put geographical enquiry at the heart of each topic studied, and support this with relevant fieldwork to enable children to apply a range of skills and techniques.  As children progress through the school their focus moves from the school and its grounds to the wider Woodford Valley and then on to more distant places; so building up their broader understanding of place and enabling us to live well together.

We aim to encourage children to think about their own place in the wider world and to ask questions about the global community in which they live.  We challenge them to be independent thinkers and problem solvers; this enables them to consider their own values and responsibilities both to other people and respect their environment.


Geography whole school planning

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Geography progression of skills

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Geography Policy

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