At Woodford Valley Primary Academy, we want to encourage and nurture a love for languages. Children should feel excited and proud about learning Spanish and our language lessons will equip pupils with the skills to communicate confidently with others. We celebrate the cultural differences between Spanish speaking countries and the U.K., building in opportunities to discuss traditions, history and geography, making cross-curricular links where possible.



Spanish is taught by a Spanish-speaking teacher and our Spanish curriculum covers a broad scope of skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Through carefully chosen topics, children gain a strong knowledge of frequently used vocabulary, grammar and phonics. High importance is placed on giving children ample opportunities for speaking Spanish to develop their pronunciation, and children feel safe having a go in our positive learning environment. Teacher modelling, video and audio materials help model pronunciation accurately. Songs are used to aid memory and recall of key vocabulary whilst ensuring learning is fun. Children are taught to recognise patterns and shared roots and endings of words. Vocabulary is built on gradually over time to help children retain new information and boost confidence, and plenty of time is built in for reviewing and consolidating past learning.



Spanish teaching supports learners to make progress and empower them to feel resilient and enthusiastic about learning the language. We recognise that making mistakes is an important part of the language learning process but maintain high expectations of individuals. Children are encouraged to self-assess their Spanish learning and reflect on their next steps. Meanwhile, teachers monitor assessment in a range of ways, including observation of participation levels, engagement, pronunciation and written work. Assessment then informs planning to promote progress in developing language skills. We want children to leave primary school with an interest and curiosity for learning a foreign language and with the skills to communicate effectively. Regular Spanish practise helps children become confident Spanish speakers and prepares them for a smooth transition to learn foreign languages at secondary school. We have already heard from past Y6 leavers that Spanish at Woodford Valley set them up to succeed and enjoy Spanish as they moved to secondary, which is a delight to hear!


Spanish policy Sept 2024

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Progresssion of Spanish skills

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