Science is a subject that we want all pupils to engage with and enjoy at Woodford Valley Academy, developing a life-long passion for the subject. Our intent is to give them all a secure knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts while developing the processes and methods of scientific enquiry.  This allows pupils to understand, challenge and question the wonderful world around them and provide explanations of how and why things happen.  We teach pupils the importance of science in daily life both in their time at school and beyond. 


Science lessons are creatively planned and taught by class teachers, following our science curriculum map.  Each lesson embeds skills for working scientifically. Pupil’s  knowledge and understanding is assessed and built upon progressively as pupils move through the school.  As part of out creative curriculum we aim to make many links between science and the overall class topic. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and find ways to answer them, developing a natural curiosity. We provide science opportunities to experiment and investigate using many resources inside and outside of the school. We also hold regular science events such as science week, visits from STEM ambassadors and class trips to broaden the experience of science beyond the classroom.

During any periods of remote learning science will continue to be delivered weekly via Teams.


Woodford Valley Academy provides an engaging, high-quality science curriculum for all of its pupils, giving them the foundations for understanding and questioning the world while maintaining a sense of awe and wonder.  Pupils at Woodford have a curiosity and notice things about them, making connections, seeking evidence and changing their thinking. They recognise the importance of science in the world and leave our school with a keen interest, strong understanding and a wide range of transferable skills and attitudes.

Katharine Higham (Science Lead) July 2021





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