The academy has a very good attendance record which it is keen to maintain. If your child is poorly, please notify the school office by telephone on the first day as soon as possible. It is important to contact the school via telephone or email on all subsequent days of your child’s absence. After any period of absence the school will require a note from parents explaining the reason for the absence. Pre-printed Absence forms are available on the link below or from the school office.

Abssence Form

Office email: office@woodfordvalley.wilts.sch.uk

Tel number: 01722 782361

Illness at school

There may be times when your child feels unwell at school. If this happens, we will keep an eye on them and if they do not improve we will contact you to arrange for your child to be collected. We have lots of staff with first aid training to look after your little ones. If your child suffers a minor accident during the school day our staff will patch them up and they will be given a slip to take home. If they have a head bump or anything more serious, we will email or contact you to inform you.

Daytime appointments

Pupils needing to leave school during school hours, for reasons such as medical appointments, should be collected by a parent from the school office. Please give the school prior notice of any appointments, so that their teacher can be informed and your child can be ready for collection. You will need to sign your child in and out of school in the book at the school office.


If your child has been prescribed some medicine, that they are required to take during the school day, this must be given to and collected from the school office by their responsible adult. You will also need to fill out the consent form, which is available on the link below or from the school office.


Holidays during term time.

We strongly request parents avoid taking family holidays during term time, but where this is unavoidable, we asked to be informed as soon as is practicable. If a holiday is being taken during term time, parents should complete the Holiday Request Form, which is available on the link below or from the school office. Holidays are not authorised absences. Holidays in excess of 4 days (10 sessions or more) will carry a penalty to be paid by parents.