Lower Woodford class - Homework

Reading Please read at home with your child daily – little and often really helps, even if it is only a page or two.

 Spellings – From Friday 15th September children will be given spellings to learn. Children will be tested on their spellings the following Friday. Spellings will be linked to our Phonics sounds and high frequency tricky words. Please do look at the ideas for ways to learn spellings on the cover of the homework books…Children don’t have to write them in books every day – they may prefer to write them in sand, use a wet paintbrush, build the words out of lego, make the words with letters on the fridge… Be creative and make it fun! 

Maths – In Year 1 we don’t set formal Maths homework as there are so many ways to practise the skills we are learning through play. See below for more info. 

Supporting your child’s learning at home – have a look at these play based ideas to support your child’s learning at home.

 Year 1 supporting learning at home

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams will be used for any periods of online learning – details of logins for this will be sent out as needed.