Lower Woodford class- Web links


We follow Lesley Clarke’s Letters and Sounds.  In Year 1 the main teaching focus is on Phase 5 – this is split into 3 parts: 5a, 5b and 5c. Please have a look here to find out more about the programme and ideas for ways to support your children in their learning at home. There are also workshops for parents to help you support your children with their phonics learning at home:

Here is a video with the correct articulation of each phoneme:

Here are some links to online games to support your child in their phonics learning.  

Dinosaur eggs

Phonics Bloom 

Phonics Play


Oxford owl – free ebooks, Maths games and writing activities

Story starters for more confident story tellers


Here are a selection of games we use in class to support Maths learning. For more do have a look at: ICT games and Topmarks Maths games

Counting caterpillar – ordering non-consecutive numbers

Shark numbers

Helicopter rescue – number recognition

Chopper Squad – find one more and one less