Lake Class - Planning

Let’s go on an adventure!!!

We will be adventuring into the worlds of ‘Space’, ‘Night and Day’, ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Pirates’ .

We will be exploring the adventures of the Bear in “Whatever Next” and what it would be like to be an astronaut in “The Darkest Dark” by the astronaut Chris Hadfield.

After half term we will be exploring the sea and Pirate adventures. 


Through talk, play and Special Guest’s!? We will be encouraging story-telling, sequencing ideas and developing our vocabulary.  We will be building on our phonic knowledge to develop our writing, we will be exploring numbers up to ten and continuing exploring the properties of shape.  We will also be exploring our beautiful environment to observe the seasonal change and learn about festivals including Chinese New Year, Lent and of course Easter. 

This Term we will be:

  • Continuing  Phase 3 letter sounds with two letters (digraphs) or three letters (trigraphs), phonic mats are in your child’s reading folder.
  • Reading and writing letters learnt so far in simple words.
  • Developing our number sense up to 10.
  • Exploring the properties of shape and developing our spatial reasoning through simple mapping.
  • Sequencing familiar stories and use props to retell stories.
  • Learn about the past and present by comparing photos of school life when mummy’s and daddy’s were at school
  • Learning about and celebrating festivals such as Chinese New Year,  Lent and Easter.
  • We will continue our lovely ‘welly walks’ to explore our beautiful  environment so make sure your child has a pair of wellies and waterproof or warm clothes in school
  • Visit Salisbury Library and the city centre

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Things to try at home-

  • Continue to practise reading and writing the letter sounds on your sound mat.
  • Practise writing your name.
  • Keep reading every day
  • Keep adding entries to Tapestry to tell us about clubs, activities and any fun learning at home, we love to share them in class.