Upper Woodford class - Worship theme

                                                                              Our Worship theme this term is ‘Trust’.

                          We will think about what trust means, why it is important and who we can trust.                                                                                                                    We will read stories from the Bible that show trust.


NLT Bible Verse on Twitter: "“Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in  God, and trust also in me." John 14:1, NLT #WordsOfJesus #Trust  #NewLivingTranslation #NLTBible #Bibleverse #Bibleverses #Biblestory  #Biblestories #Bibleversesdaily ...Psalm 56:3

 A story on Trust from the Bible:   Jesus Calms The Storm 

Jesus and his disciples board a boat to cross to the other side of the lake. Jesus falls asleep during a huge storm, while his disciples fear for their lives. They wake Jesus and he simply tells the storm to stop!