Upper Woodford class - Worship theme

                                                             Our Worship theme this term is ‘Truthfulness’.

     We will read stories from the Bible that show examples of Truthfulness. For example, Jacob and Esau, Genesis 25-33.     ‘And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’  (John 8:44)

                    Think about these questions:

  Do you ever find it difficult to be truthful?

How can being truthful help us in our lives?

How can we encourage others to tell the truth?

CUSD 10 Values Wordle - Collinsville Kahoks

Listen to this song on truth :


                                                                Prayer for Truthfulness:

                                                           Lord Jesus, light of the world,

                                                               Help us to shine as lights,

                                                   to be truthful and honest in all we do.