Salterton class - Planning

Below you will find the Termly Overview for this term.

Our topic is World War 2.

We are reading Letters from the Lighthouse as our class book.

Our Science topics are Light and Electricity.

In Computing we are studying Online Safety and Communication & Collaboration.

We have been doing lots of exciting things in class so far this term! Take a look at some of our work below. 


Termly Overview for Autumn Term

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Date modified: 12-09-2023

In Computing, we have been covering topics such as cyberbullying, keeping our information safe online and how we need to respect other’s boundaries when posting online content.

In Science, we have been studying light. We have conducted experiments such as shadow investigations and made light mazes using out knowledge of how light is reflected.

In Art, we looked at how to use one point perspective to create a drawing of the train tracks the evacuees might have travelled on in WWII.