Pastoral Support

Woodford Valley Primary Academy take the emotional health and wellbeing of every child seriously. We believe that the school can help pupils build resilience and support them to be mentally healthy.

At Woodford Valley, we know that keeping our pupils safe and happy is the key to them learning and enjoying school. We provide pupils with opportunities and support to ensure that they can achieve what they want to. Our school values are at the heart of we do and these help provide pupils with emotional support throughout their time with us.

We all have ups and downs in life but in childhood it can be particularly  hard to cope with sad feelings and worries that arise when things are hard or scary.   There may be times when your child is unhappy or struggling emotionally.  You may notice that they seem low or worried or that their behaviour changes.   We may notice that they seem withdrawn or upset at school.

If you are worried about your child’s mental health then you are not alone.  Many parents and carers have similar worries and stresses .  There is good support available from local and national organisations.  The sooner you seek help the better for your child and you.

The leaflet: Mental health problems in children and young people: guidance for parents and carers provides some useful tips for helping your child plus links to local and national services.

School Counsellor

We have a school counsellor, Clare Lewis, who works with individual pupils.

ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)

Our ELSA is Andrea Toze and she works with pupils across the school individually or in small groups, depending on their needs.

link to ELSA leaflet

The children can spend time in our school garden, hold the school guinea pigs, cook in our food tech room and use our amazing school grounds as a way of supporting their well-being in school.


We have two SENDCo’s who work in school, Ruth Massie and Donna Young. They are available to speak to parents and can be contacted through the school office.

For further information regarding SEN please click on the link below, this will take you to the Wiltshire Offer.

Mental Health Resources


Websites that offer information and advice

The following organisations provide reliable information and advice to help parent/carers to support their child when experiencing emotional difficulties :-

Young Minds: – Help for Parents

Information about all aspects of child mental health, including a Parent Helpline 0800 802 5544

You’re Never too Young to Talk Mental Health

Leaflet for parent/carers of primary aged children

Self-Care – Top Tips for Young Parents and Carers

Advice for taking care of your own and child’s wellbeing


Lots of information and tips for children of all ages about feelings and difficult situations

Minded for Families

Free learning resource about mental health for parents and carers

Happy Maps

Lots of information about health topics including mental health, organised under different age groups i.e under 5’s primary age, secondary age, young adults

Charlie Waller Trust

Ideas for making….

Worry Dolls

Worry Monster