Music & Theatre

We cherish music and performance here at Woodford Valley, prioritising special times across the year to celebrate the wonderful and unique talents of our pupils, as well as offering a broad and exciting music curriculum for each year group, led by our Music specialist. Music also plays a valuable part of our whole school worship, where we sing during assemblies and services, often led by staff, volunteers or our Year 6 Music Captains.

A significant annual event is our Christmas Show. Year 6 work hard as the main cast, with Years 1-5 supporting as the chorus, and each having their own time to shine on stage. We are extremely fortunate to have wonderful musical shows written for us by a local musician and retired teacher; these are fantastic fun and really allow our pupils to flourish.

Our annual Summer Show is another milestone in the school’s musical calendar. This is another opportunity for Year 6 to take centre stage and we have recently performed at Old Sarum and the Cathedral school, taking advantage of our amazing local history and landmarks.

We take advantage of any opportunity to sing and play alongside other schools, particularly enjoying the annual ‘Small schools carol service’ for choir members. We have watched orchestras, been visited by musical monks, and taken part in Body Percussion workshops, amongst other adventures. We strive to bring variety and opportunity to all our pupils, to inspire them and allow them to shine.

We actively encourage children to take up instruments and currently offer peripatetic lessons for piano, violin, drumming, ukulele, guitar, brass and woodwind.

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