Salterton class - E-Safety

We are really wanting to encourage you to use the internet safely – so below is a link to a great website, teaching us to be ‘smart’ when on the internet. Here you can find great information for parents and children, as well as quizzes and games to test how smart you really are on the web. Be SMART! Follow this link for some fun e-safety ideas and games:

We have come up with the following ground rules for e-safety in school:

  • Only visit sites you trust
  • Tell an adult immediately if you are worried about anything online
  • Use Hector the safety dolphin if you see something you don’t like
  • Respect the computers and other ICT equipment at all times
  • Be a role model for younger children when using the computers
  • Don’t talk to strangers online
  • Respect the filter system in school – things are blocked for our own safety